6 Pubs In Lewisham To Get Your Sunday Roast

Nothing better defines a nation’s character than its ‘national dish’. Forget Politics, forget Science, Economics, Sport, and all the other ‘serious’ stuff…what really defines a nation is what they eat. What says Germany better than a grill full of gargantuan Bratwurst sausages packed with flavour and stoicism?…What says India more than a sunset-coloured Curry with an infinite variety of spices and tasty nuances…And what says Britain better than a big plate full of the bare essentials: veggies’, roast potatoes, a couple of slabs of Lamb or Chicken, the inexplicably gorgeous Yorkshire Pudding, all drowning in a thick, penetrating gravy that, if done right, steals the show everytime…

Alongside Fish ’N’ Chips, the Sunday Roast is a truly defining feature of British culture and tradition. As such, you will find institutions all across the Country serving this historic dish. Lewisham has some of the best pubs in London, and their loyalty to serving a cracking Sunday Roast is second to none. So, without any further rambling, here are 6 of the best places to get the authentic Sunday Roast experience in Lewisham.


1. The Railway Telegraph - Forest Hill

Railway Telegraph Forest Hill
Railway Telegraph Forest Hill

Photo: The Resident

The Railway Telegraph hits the spot every time with its faultless Sunday roast menu. With starters of ample variety, including spicy pumpkin soup, Mussels cooked in cider with shallots and parsley, and devilled Chicken livers, they offer taste-bud tingling flavours ready to set you up for the real show. Their mains are a hybrid of the tick-box essentials, and the specially sourced. Each Roast is served with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, and vegetables, and you then get to choose from Roast Norfolk Turkey; Roast topside of grass fed Scottish Beef, or corn fed chicken with Cumberland sausage stuffing as your accompanying meat…vegetarian options are available too.

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2. The Honor Oak - Honor Oak

The Honor Oak Pub

Photo: We Love Food

Within walking distance of The Railway Telegraph, the Forest Hill folk have it easy when it comes to finding a good local Roast…The Honor Oak is a large, beautifully decorated, friendly pub that serves up a cracking Sunday Roast with noble dedication. Renowned for its quality, their trademark Sunday dish has driven up the demand as word has gotten around about its mouth-watering distinction. Serving to a commonly packed house every Sunday, they offer 3 speciality meats: A topside of South Devon beef; loin of Gloucester old spot pork; and corn-fed roast chicken, all served with market veggies, roasties, Yorkshire pudding, and a choice of either bread sauce, or rosemary red wine gravy…Salivating yet?

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3. Ladywell Tavern - Ladywell

Ladywell Tavern Sunday Roast

Delivering the roasted goods from Ladywell, The Ladywell Tavern is a cosy, dog-friendly family pub that serves a brilliant and varied food menu. With a regular weekday menu of burgers, salads, Hot-dogs and more, they keep their ‘Sunday roast specials’ different every week, (a benefit of having creative and prolific chefs) which have been verified as superb by numerous locals. So turn up with a friend, check out whats on offer for your visit, and prepare to be stuffed!

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4. The Station Hotel - Hither Green

The Station Hotel Sunday Roast

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With its understated, elegant Victorian decor, and a relaxed atmosphere, The Station Hotel is an astute choice for a Sunday Roast with your nearest and dearest. Varying the contents of the famous dish from week to week, expect nothing less than a strong selection of meats, herbed up potatoes, an assortment of fresh vegetables, and an enormous Yorkshire pudding to keep your taste-buds tingling.

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5. The Amersham Arms - New Cross

The Amersham Arms Sunday Roast

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Providing one of the ‘best-value Sunday roasts in town’ according to Time Out, The Amersham Arms in New Cross offers a delightful Roast Dinner in their bohemian establishment, and will occasionally be served to you with a side of live Swing Jazz, (not that you’re going to be in much mood for dancing, full stomach and all that) in keeping with their upbeat Sunday schedule…

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6. The Rose Pub & Kitchen - New Cross

The Rose Pub And Kitchen Sunday Roast

The Rose Pub & Kitchen in New Cross are true traditionalists when it comes to the Sunday Roast. Respecting its origins as the Lord’s day for feasting, they host 4 exquisite options that will render you incapable of movement for at least half an hour after consumption…Choose from either West Devon slow-roasted leg of Lamb; Roast corn-fed whole chicken with bread sauce, sage & apricot stuffing; Scottish reared 28 day aged beef rib or sirloin with fresh horseradish cream, or Slow-roasted Hampshire pork belly with cinnamon spiced apple sauce. Each roast is served with all the trimmings, including duck-fat roasted potatoes, cauliflower cheese, and more…delicious!

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Mmmmmm! Let us know of your favourite places to go for a Sunday Roast in Lewisham, and share your thoughts in the comments section! 

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