8 Top Places For A Burger In Lewisham

Burger burgers burgers. Once you've caught the bug (we have) you can't stop. Everything on the menu just seems slightly a little bit less enticing than the burger option. As the burger bug spreads far and wide, pubs and restaurants are creating new and improved specimens with more fillings and flavours than ever before. We've gathered a bunch of lovely eateries in Lewisham that offer some of the best burgers in town and are well worth a visit.


1. The Station Hotel - Hither Green 

Much loved by Hither Green locals, The Station Hotel is a great pub that tailors its vast menu to a large food demographic. With menus for sharing platters, light lunches, sandwiches, mains, and pizza, you can ponder over what’s on offer for a while. Here again, the burger lovers among us can sit back without worry, content in the knowledge that their order will fill their bellies and satisfy their taste-buds. The Station’s menu-topping burger option gives you all the bare essentials in a mountainous bun that you want and is sure to challenge you: dukesmoor short-rib beef with mature cheddar and smoked bacon, served with fries and relish. Watch out for this beast, he bites. Check out their full menu here.

The Station Hotel Lewisham Card
The Station Hotel Lewisham Card

2. London Beer Dispensary - Crofton Park

With a title that couldn’t be any clearer, this much-loved barless hangout in Crofton Park has one primary function - dispensing great beer to the masses. As part of the renowned Late Knight’s Brewery brew, they take their craft for craft beer deadly seriously. Yet when it comes to their secondary function - making and serving a delectable range of homemade burgers, they take an equally rigorous approach in striving for quality. With ingenious names such as the ‘Wilson Pickett’, ‘The Trophy’, and the ‘Cluckleopatra’, all their burgers come large and bursting with flavour. My personal favourite is the ‘Mexican’ which contains a gorgeous filling of homemade sour cream, guacamole and jalapenos to go with an immaculately cooked chicken breast.

London Beer Dispensary Lewisham Card
London Beer Dispensary Lewisham Card

3. Big Fat Gourmet - Catford

Catford’s latest restaurant addition has been creating a buzz of curiosity for local residents since opening in May this year. Big Fat Gourmet, along with its no-nonsense slogan ‘banging burgers and awesome hotdogs’ has stepped up to the plate by putting the good stuff on yours. Already drawing in numbers and host some busy weekends, the fuss is completely justified. An elaborate, creative menu, including some outside-the-box numbers like their fried asparagus, the burger menu holds nothing back. Led by the ‘BFG Gourmet Special’, a mammoth beef burger concoction including gherkins, herbs, spices, monterey jack cheese, roast peppers and more, this titan is brimming with flavour. Other favourites include the ‘London Slider’, and the ‘Mango Bango Burger’. Check out the full menu here.

Big Fat Gourmet Lewisham Card
Big Fat Gourmet Lewisham Card

4. The Signal - Forest Hill

This family-friendly, spacious pub in Forest Hill offers a splendid and ever-changing menu, including sunday roasts and humongous steaks. Their burgers are just part of their wider menu, yet this takes nothing away from their taste and quality. Their 35 day dry aged beef burger, comes complete with oggleshield cheese, chargrilled lettuce, pickled red onion and chips. For those who like to eat big, this is for you. Tackle this titan head-on, but be sure to savour every mouthful as flavours like this don’t come around often. To see their full menu, click here.

The Signal Lewisham Card

5. Ladywell Tavern - Ladywell

This friendly pub in Ladywell has been offering a delicious food menu to locals for some time now. Their slick menu includes 4 brilliant burger options: their 8oz beef burger with cheese; the amazing spicy lamb burger; chicken burger, and a tasty falafel and halloumi burger. Keeping things simple yet distinct, each of these burgers have their own style and taste phenomenal. Fully homemade, sourced ethically and using quality ingredients, there’s not much more you can ask for when it comes to a great burger. Check out their full menu here.

Ladywell Tavern Lewisham Card

6. The Birds Nest - Deptford

There’s places that do burgers, then there’s places that take it to the next level, offering a ridiculous range of creative and mouth-watering fillers that just keeps growing. The Birds Nest in Deptford is one of these. Their double-sided menu is mostly taken up by their fantastic selection of chomping burgers, that all come stuffed to the brim and ready to put you to the challenge. Ranging from the classics - hamburger, cheese burger, breakfast burger - to the far more elaborate offerings of their avocado burger and wasabi burger, you’ll be hard-pressed to choose from this exquisite range, but whatever you go for, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re going to be content, full, and probably in need of quite a few serviettes afterwards…Check out their full burger menu here.

The Birds Nest Lewisham Card
The Birds Nest Lewisham Card

7. Wunderlust - Deptford

A short trip from the Birds Nest (about a metre to be precise) Wunderlust occupies the famous double-decker bus spot next door to the Birds Nest. Born out of an alliance of two foodies, with one being a street-food expert, this German influenced hangout has a lot to offer burger and bratwurst lovers alike. Their burgers come under their street-food menu, and as such are served as fresh as fresh can be, dripping with melted cheese and piping hot. 3 immaculate titles are on offer: the Burgerlust, the Sloppy-Joe, and the Veggie-Shroom. All are cooked in the same quick and fresh street-food style, and are sure to sweeten your taste buds whilst filling your stomach. Check out their full menu here.

Wunderlust Lewisham Card
Wunderlust Lewisham Card

8. Railway Telegraph - Forest Hill

Forest Hill’s Railway Telegraph is a large, community pub with a hearty menu, including some delightful gourmet burgers. Their menu-topping number is a beef steak cheese burger, with crispy bacon, tomato salsa and paprika mayonnaise. This force of nature is followed by their chicken burger, which includes pancetta, parmesan, rocket, and garlic mayonnaise. They then have a neat vegetarian option made of red lentils and chick peas, and their last burger is a pulled pork bun made with homemade coleslaw. Settle down for a drink and one of these lovely offerings, you’d be missing out not to. Check out their full menu here.

Railway Telegraph Lewisham Card

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