Bestival set to take over Goldsmiths for one day festival

The UK’s official Best Major Festival, Bestival, has decided to tease their attendees with a one day warm-up extravaganza of music, art, and culture in our beloved New Cross. This day and night event on Friday 17th June is set to provide a condensed but wholesome Bestival experience (barring all the mud, wellies and endless portaloos that go with shacking up in a field for 5 days in the UK) and will include a series of talks, music from established artists and the most exciting up-and-coming acts, and delicious street food.

Annually held on the Isle of Wight in early September, the organisers sensed a need to bring some of Bestival's magic back to the mainland, and chose Goldsmiths University as the venue to host the event. One could imagine something like this being open bait for a popular Shoreditch or Camden venue, but for the event organisers, who are Goldsmiths alumni themselves, this seemed a fitting, and probably somewhat nostalgic choice. (Notwithstanding the fact that South-east London is where it’s all happening now anyway…)

Goldsmiths stated of the event:

“Co-founded by Goldsmiths alumni Josie and Rob da Bank, Bestival’s world-renowned innovative design aesthetic and daring music policy, combined with Goldsmiths' reputation as a seat of ingenuity and inspiration, will transform the university’s historic grounds into a hotbed of audio-visual creativity.”

The day is also celebrating Goldsmiths’ rich cultural heritage as well as showcasing the new creatives emerging from the university. Final-year music students will be playing throughout the day, alongside bigger acts such as Ghostpoet and Rosie Lowe. Visitors will also be able to take in a range of Degree Shows which are running across campus.

Lewisham Card Bestival Goldsmiths

Some of the talks throughout the day include interesting discussions about the music industry and the creative world in general. With titles such as 'Women in Radio', and 'Starting a record label', these are set to be an engaging opportunity for bidding artists to gain some inside knowledge of the industry from a panel of experts. Click here for the full list of talks. Alongside the talks, the Curzon Goldsmiths, a new one screen cinema the university have built in recent months, are showing two classic music films - Purple Rain, and 20,000 Days on Earth. 

Bestival's co-founder Rob da Bank said of the event:

“What a fantastic collaboration for us! Josie and I met at Goldsmiths when we were young and reckless 18-year-olds and had an amazing four years there together hatching many of the creative plans and madcap ideas that have forged our careers in party-starting and mass gathering creations. We’re very proud to come back a few years later with some of our musical mates and some inspiring talks and performance. I hope you can join us.” 

We certainly will be joining you Rob! For more information and to buy tickets for the event, head to

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