Brockley gets artistic makeover courtesy of Brockley Street Art Festival

From May 24th - June 4th, Brockley and Crofton Park were subject to an artistic makeover thanks to a street art festival that set out to transform the area’s buildings and grey shop shutters into mesmerising, colourful displays for all to marvel at. The result was spectacular. Large murals now stretch across the sides of high street buildings, filling every available gap in the brickwork with fantastical displays. Small businesses offered up previously dull front shutters for exciting, eye-opening rejuvenations.

A total of 14 art pieces were completed for the festival, and on top of the pieces made at last year’s festival, the area now has at least 30 pieces of street art decorating its buildings, making it one of the most street art adorned areas in South London. We’ve gathered pictures of some of the completed murals from this year’s festival, which are well worth experiencing in person for the full effect. A leisurely stroll through Crofton Park or Brockley will provide you with plenty of artistic eye-candy, so head on down and check out some of the festival’s finest displays...

1. Houses - Butch Attai

Lewisham Card Brockley Street Art Festival

One of the largest murals to be completed during the festival, this brilliant display of houses descending in a spiralling whirlwind was created by Butch Attai, a local artist and one of the organisers of the festival. It is located on the corner of Maples Road, on the side of the building where Jays off-licence is. Don’t stare for too long though, otherwise it begins to look quite real!

2. Ginger Cat - Kirsten Wood

Lewisham Card Brockley Street Art Festival

Isn’t he cute? This flawless re-creation of a ginger cat was painted by Kirsten Wood. The detail of the fur and the whiskers, and the expression in the eyes is mind-blowing. The mural occupies a small wall adjacent to the famed ‘Straight Outta Crofton’ piece located on Brockley road…

3. Essence of India Shutters - Disk

Lewisham Card Brockley Street Art Festival

Essence of India, a superb Indian Restaurant near Brockley Cross, was treated to a stunning piece by local artist Disk. The mural is of a young boy laughing or smiling, looking upwards, and has an incredible, distinct shade of blue to it against the black shutters…

4. Flying Toast - Artista

Lewisham Card Brockley Street Art Festival

Possibly the show-stealer of the festival this year, this brilliantly simple, yet ingenious work showing a flying piece of toast with legs and funky green shoes was painted next to the Doorstep Bakery, by Brockley Cross. Painted by Artista, a contributing artist for the festival, pedestrians can wander by and drivers will likely get distracted by this wacky piece of no-nonsense-in-your-face street art…

5. Coat hanger - Art Mongers

Lewisham Card Brockley Street Art Festival

Another brilliant and zany piece, this huge portrayal of a coat hanger was painted by Art Mongers, a collective of artists based in South East London. The piece hangs (sorry) on Colgate Street, just outside Brockley Station, and does a good job of reminding the Brockley commuters that their area has some great street art, but also to hang up their coat properly when they get home!

6. Smile At Someone - Survival Techniques

Lewisham Card Brockley Street Art Festival

Sitting next to the ginger cat piece on Brockley Road, this small but delightful mural delivers an important and simple message to passers by: ‘Smile at someone’. With it’s exquisite 3D font standing out and an eye-catching colour scheme, it was painted by another art collective called Survival Techniques.

7. Honor Oak Park - Lionel Stanhope

Lewisham Card Brockley Street Art Festival

With his incredible attention to detail and renowned steady hand, festival organiser Lionel Stanhope made his contribution clear this year with another piece naming an area. Last year he decorated shutters in Crofton Park, and this year created a sublime piece for residents of Honor Oak Park. Slowly but surely catching up to Brockley and Crofton Park, Honor Oak is soon to be as decorated as the latter with murals like this popping up here and there...  

8. iPhone photo of Hilly Fields bandstand - Becky Glover and Colin Humphries

Lewisham Card Brockley Street Art Festival

One of the most original pieces created at this years festival, this thought provoking, and (dare I say it), Banksy-esque piece showing someone taking a photo on an iPhone of the old bandstand in Hilly Fields (see the original photo, taken in 1900 here) is an interesting note on the nature and development of technology and photography. The mural stands on the Pistachios Cafe at the top of Hilly Fields, and was painted by Becky Glover and Colin Humphries.

9. Babur Shutters - Bambopink

Lewisham Card Brockley Street Art Festival

Our final stop is the locally renowned Indian Restaurant Babur, located on Brockley Road. Painted by Bambopink, another great UK art and design collective, this portrayal of a hand reaching out is truly mesmerising. The detail is astonishing, with miniscule dots and a superb fade effect into the black background of the shutters. Check. It. Out.

Brockley Street Art Festival has now had it’s second highly successful year, and it hopes to return next year with more displays to brighten up the neighbourhood even more. The four organisers, Lionel Stanhope, Butch Attai, Bambopink, and Ian Brimacombe all live locally, all work full time, and gave up their time to organise, raise funds and put on this incredible event, so many thanks guys and we’ll see you next year!

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