Experience The Card : Le Delice

Le Delice is a favourite french patisserie for many local Ladywell folk, but their reputation for providing scrumptious homemade cakes, pastries, baguettes and more stretches well beyond this across the whole borough of Lewisham.

Occupying a corner just off Ladywell Road, with the train station behind it and the main village opening up on its side, it could not be set in a more idyllic and convenient location.

Le Delice Outside

Le Delice is run by a friendly duo of french catering pros, Karine and Nabil, who are effortlessly friendly and helpful with their customers, and are very passionate about their food. The cafe has a typically French layout and exterior, with chairs and tables loosely set up outside, surrounded by neat little botanical displays closing you in from the street. The interior furniture is spread out across the cafe and is varied in its nature, with comfy reading chairs, high-chairs for baby’s, and small tables and alcoves for groups. It all feels very welcoming and homely, yet still manages to transport you to some Parisian side-street or suburb, whether through nostalgia or just its authentic french atmosphere. Anyway it makes for a pleasant experience, and, as I decided to go for my lunch there on a miserable, soggy, late November day, the escapism was much welcomed. 


After chatting to Karine for a few minutes and asking for recommendations on her latest range of delice - ious looking cakes (sorry), I order one slice of the ‘Exotic Delice’ and a Chicken and Bacon Baguette to squash my hunger. The place is warm and seems to be a great meeting spot for friends having a catch up, as it begins to slowly fill up with people getting their lunch and settling down. As my order comes over I’m already dribbling slightly at the sight of the ‘Exotic Delice’, which looks so shiny and untouchably perfect that I have no idea how to go about eating it…I therefore ignore it and start tucking into the brown, seeded baguette and notice how flavoursome the bacon is. Whatever secret ingredient or cooking method it is that makes good bacon so so tasty, these guys definitely have it…After Karine told me that the side salad was ‘varied’ I was intrigued but did not expect to see a varied mix of potato, flavoured pasta, beetroot, kidney beans, chickpeas, and tomatoes. Quite the side-salad! 

Le Delice Food
Le Delice Food

After scoffing this all down with delight and ease, I turned my attention to the cake. With four separate layers and a glazed slice of mango and strawberry on the top, it certainly looked exotic, and after my first bite, the eruption of flavours that followed proved it to taste that way too. Slightly resemblant of cheese-cake with its nutty base and a creamy and flavoursome middle, it was just the right amount of sweet and had a smooth and soft texture.

Le Delice Cake
Le Delice Cake

The service was impeccable despite it being fairly busy, and the staff are very friendly. Le Delice is definitely somewhere I’ll be re-visiting; with their varied menu there is lots to explore, especially their ever-changing and bespoke homemade cakes, which, by the way (here comes the plug!) you get a 10% discount off of with your Lewisham Card. They are seriously good! 

Bon Appétit!