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From the very outset, with Gail force winds ravaging the whole of brockley, Villa Toscana appeared as a calm and warm, Italian haven. Situated opposite Brockley station and holding proud place on Brockley Rd. the restaurant is hard to miss with the colours of Italy illuminating it’s shop front. Stepping inside and the beautifully laid tables and inviting candlelight help to instantly create a relaxed atmosphere and set the mood for the night ahead. With disheveled hair put back into place and memories of the extreme weather outside fading, we settled into a cosy corner and took on the feat of deciding what to eat.

Villa Toscana Lewisham Card

In true Italian style the menu was extremely generous, with antipasti, stuzzichini, pasta, pizza, risotto, insalata, mains, fish and dessert choices on the menu. Whether just going for a quick bite or a full-blown multi course can’t-move-another-inch meal, there is no doubt Villa Toscana could cater to your needs.

Having perused the menu with a selection of delicious breads to keep our appetites at bay we settled on the Calamari & Zucchini Fritti. Lightly fried calamari rings and courgettes with a garlic and basil dipping sauce and a wedge of lemon. A classic Italian dish, it did not disappoint. And with a first time squid eater amongst us that was certainly a tough task. Light and crispy, it was a great start and won everyone round.

Villa Toscana Calamari

It was quickly followed by the Quattro Stagioni pizza (four seasons) which was topped with mushrooms, ham, pepperoni, artichoke and olives and the Penne Salmone - Penne with smoked salmon, cream and lemon. The pizza had a lovely warming spice to it, and there was no skimping on the array of toppings. With a beautiful crispy base it looked as good as it tasted. The pasta was well done, with a beautifully creamy and light sauce and tender flakes of salmon. The food is not only tasty but extremely good value, with hearty portions of traditional Italian food, not breaking the bank.

Villa Toscana Pizza
Villa Toscana Penne

With a constant stream of people coming in throughout the night, it became increasingly evident that many of them were locals. Whether it was a specific dish or bottle of wine, each table seemed to have their solid favorites, which drew them back for more. Milo, who was waiting on the tables, was clearly known for his accommodating nature and great hosting, with no request he wasn’t more than happy to do his best to oblige. Such personal service made it an easy evening, and it was obvious that all the staff held a great rapport with the locals. Whether they were popping in to pick up a take away or sit down for a meal, they were never too busy to stop and catch up.

Villa Toscana provided a serene and relaxed atmosphere that was only furthered by the personal service of its staff. The food, and there is a lot to choose from, is both satisfying and delicious. Whether you’re craving a take away or a traditional Italian meal, Villa Toscana will not disappoint and make you feel at home all the while.

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