For Jimmy bid for new community hub in Lewisham

Having already provided the local community with various projects and events to promote peace, For Jimmy have come a long way in bringing about safer communities not just in Lewisham, but all across the UK since the murder of Jimmy Mizen in 2008.

The charity have set-up 2 community run cafes that provide work experience opportunities to young people and people with disabilities, and have run numerous workshops, events, and programmes across the country in schools, youth centres and more. Over the past 2 years For Jimmy have worked with over 900 pupils, created 24 flagship schools (both primary and secondary) and established 17 safe spaces known as 'Safe Haven' zones on local high streets.

As a strong voice promoting peace in the community, and a reputable organisation in the borough, For Jimmy are currently in the running to establish a new pioneering community Hub building that acts as a focal point for economic and cultural growth in the Borough of Lewisham – supporting young people with and opportunities to thrive in their local community. The opportunity comes as part of a competition run by the fund ‘Building Better Communities’ which was set up by Jewson, a building company who are providing £150,000 to the project winner.

With the support of the hub, For Jimmy hope to create a vibrant, enterprising space for business and creativity to thrive. They say:

“Working alongside Lewisham’s regeneration plans there is an opportunity to create a truly unique and inspiring space that provides economic and cultural opportunities across the Borough. This will attract outside investment, increase enterprise and employment and showcase creative talent London-wide.”

Their main aims of the Hub will be:

  • Provide opportunities for young people to develop skills, experience and employment
  • Build communities, by providing opportunities and facilities for educational programmes, local groups, residents and organisations.

  • Create sustainable economic development for the creative, digital and community sectors

  • Create an inspirational HQ from which For Jimmy can reach out to communities across the UK

On stating why they are entering the competition, For Jimmy said:

“A report commissioned by Lewisham Council identified that whilst the borough has a diverse and youth population, there is a need for new schemes and facilities that develop young people’s skills and talents – helping lift young people out of poverty and into sustainable careers and opportunities. Lewisham also has a lack of office and work spaces for small start-ups and businesses and there is a need for space that kick-starts opportunities for new enterprises.

"An in-depth consultation with the local community identified a need for more spaces that better connect the community and offer opportunities for local businesses, residents and young people.”

Plans for the hub include:

  • Office and workshop space for local small businesses and enterprises with a preference to accommodate young entrepreneurs. These businesses will also sign-up to offer work experience opportunities for young people
  • Training and events space creating space and facilities for local community organisations, groups, schools and colleges to forge new links and help empower communities to play a more active and meaningful role

  • Community Café space acting as a focal point of the Hub

  • Office space to accommodate the For Jimmy charity to deliver youth programmes and to run operations of the Hub

These are just some of the projects they have in mind for the hub. Alongside the enterprise space, they want to create a cultural space, including venues for music, arts, and entertainment; a potential market area for trading, and also forge strong partnerships with other local organisations such as Goldsmiths. Read more about their plans here.

Having got through the 2 previous rounds, For Jimmy are now at the shortlist stage, and every vote is critical. To help turn a brilliant, ambitious idea to bring more community driven enterprise to Lewisham become a reality, click here to vote.

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