Fred's: New Crofton Park cafe off to a great start

Brockley’s new kid on the block, Fred’s, has delivered an overwhelmingly successful start to its career in Crofton Park. Taking over from the much loved Pat-a-Cakes earlier this year, Fred’s was set up by a team of friends who came together with a shared ambition to create something unique and community driven. After 6 months of gruelling work reshaping the place and creating a larger space with more seating area and a new garden, Fred’s opened it’s doors to the public on 23rd May this year.

It’s first 2 weeks in business were a whirlwind, according to owner Alain, with the highly responsive Brockley clientele flocking to the new eatery in numbers. We visited a week after they opened, and discovered that they weren’t exaggerating in the slightest. Tables were full with families and friends; there were small queues at the till; staff cheerfully ran around serving, and the coffee machine was constantly grinding. Everyone was clearly in good spirits which created a positive and lively atmosphere.

Lewisham Card Fred's

Scouting out a seat was a task in itself, with most tables occupied by friendly faces who were clearly set on staying for a while. The garden, with a lovely layout of table benches and a near life-size carving of a friendly looking bear - whose name shares that of the cafe - is simple and spacious. I eventually found a cosy spot inside and ordered a coffee and one of their delicious looking flat breads. Filled with a slither of smoked salmon, cream cheese, and gherkin, this hit the spot perfectly and is a great lunchtime offering, alongside their other delicious flatbread fillings.

Lewisham Card Fred's
Lewisham Card Fred's
Lewisham Card Fred's

After polishing off the gorgeous flatbread, I sat down with Alain for a few minutes to discuss the cafe and how everything was going.

“Me and the team behind Fred’s have been great friends for a very long time. We worked in construction, and it was always an ambition of mine to build something like this ourselves and really create a friendly, community driven cafe in our local area. We’ve worked all over London but Brockley and Crofton Park is our home. It’s great to have built something like this for our local area. You can see from the staff’s attitude to work how close we all are, and I think this pays off for creating a better environment for the customers too.”

After a great start, it’s clear that Fred’s is there to stay. Crofton Park now has some stand out cafes to choose from, with Arlo & Moe and Benedicts only short distances down Brockley Road. Commuters, brunch lovers, foodies and more can welcome Fred’s as a great new addition to the area, so pop in for a nibble and a coffee, say hello to ‘Fred’ (the bear) and relax in this lovely new cafe.

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