Saigon Streat Returns This September

The colours and smells you experience in Vietnam are exhilarating and captivating, especially the bustling streets of Saigon where street vendors sell their fresh food daily amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. Going to one of Saigon Streat’s pop-up events will give you such an authentic Vietnamese dining experience that you could be fast mistaken that you are actually in Ho Chi Minh City. These pop-ups are held in three different local venues each week. Catch them at; the Archie Parker in Forest Hill on Thursdays; Arlo & Moe in Brockley on Fridays; The Plumtree Cafe in Greenwich on Fridays and Saturdays; and at Arlo & Moe in Hither Green on Saturdays as well.

Saigon Streat Lewisham Card

This family run business, founded by Minh Chu, prides itself on fresh, authentic flavours which are in abundance in their dishes. Several of the dishes on offer are based on family recipes or are those that Minh enjoyed when younger. Based on flavours that satisfy umami tastebuds, as well as those that prefer a fresher, or even a sweeter aspect, the cuisine here is simple yet mouth-watering. More familiar starters such as crispy spring rolls sit alongside rice paper rolls as well as Nom “Vietnamese crunch” – a packed salad dish flavoured with coriander and mint and served with shrimp crackers (vegetarian option available).

Saigon Streat Lewisham Card
Saigon Streat Lewisham Card

The Ca Ri Vietnamese curry is one that people might not be familiar with but one that is guaranteed to excite your tastebuds with its delicate flavours of coconut and lemongrass, all brought out with a burst of chilli. Served either with chicken or aubergine this dish can be enjoyed by anyone.

Saigon Streat Lewisham Card

Always popular is their Pho – a very traditional noodle soup dish that again has simple yet intense flavours. The inclusion of mint alongside fresh chillies helps to create an ideal balance of hot versus zingy.

One of the absolute treats of their menu has to be the Che Xoi Nouc – or black sesame dumplings. South Asian sweets are typically sweet and gooey and this one is no exception. Brimming with palm sugar, ginger and coconut cream these dumplings are a perfect yet slightly indulgent finale to what can only be a delicious, unique meal.   

Despite being a small, local business largely surviving through pop ups across Lewisham, and now branching out into street food, Saigon Streat was still named as Time Out London’s best restaurant in 2016 showing just how well-received their food is. You are truly transported to a different world through a Saigon Streat dining experience.  

So if reaching the busy streets of Saigon is perhaps a little out of reach, fear not and get down to one of Lewisham’s finest Vietnamese businesses at one of their pop-ups, starting in September, at one of the three local businesses mentioned above...

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